Thame Food Festival Video

Well here it is! Thame Food Festival: The Movie

After 7 days of filming with 5 cameras and 3 very wonderful crew, Kirsty, Sam and Patrick. We shot over 5 hours of HD video, in sunshine, rain, wind and under rainbows.

Food, crowds, Magimix, cakes, Mary Berry, dogs, amazing bakers and chefs, cheese, kids, talented musicians, burgers, United Vibe, BBQ, Humble Country, flags, Co-op Kid, bunting and more food. All human life was there.

It took two weeks to edit in my dark eyrie atop Sanderum Offices in Thame. Office 13! Final Cut Pro X from Apple is amazing software. Made the job easy. Editing, Grading, Sound mixing and Titles all in one package.

Now it is done. You can spot yourself in there, or you can see what you were missing out on…

But you need to watch it for yourself.

Coming soon, how the festival was put together in “The Recipe for Thame Food Festival”. You can see how it was all done. Then you can come again next year.

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